The Deatailed Programmme of the Conefernce will be available after 01 MAR 2024

Please follow the site for additional information.

If you would like to participate as a speaker follow the Topics of the Conference: 


1. Disaster Management, Natural Hazards, Risk Reduction and Building Resilience
1.1 Disaster Medicine
1.2 Risk Management and Assessment
1.3 Natural and Human Induced Hazard
2. Climate Change Challenges and Security Implications  
2.1 Air Pollution and Health
2.2 Security Implications 
2.3 Water Resources 
2.4 Ecology 
2.5 Waste Management 
2.6 Flooding and Wildfire 
3. Resilience and Busines Continuity Management (BCM)  
4. High performance computing, M&S, GIS for environmental monitoring and AI